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The Coins of our Parents

The Coins of our Parents
The Keys to the Bonds between Children and Parents

Joan Garriga Bacardí

Colección Psicología

Edición en inglés del título ¿Dónde están las monedas?

Confucius taught us that the only person who can always be happy is the one who knows how to be happy with everything. Similarly, if we avoid passive conformism and false resignation, we discover that the password to open the doors of personal fulfilment is made up of a single syllable: YES.

YES. To life, just as it is. To ourselves, just as we are. To others, just as they are. To our parents, just as they are and as they were, as the providential vehicles of our existence and much more. This is the message that Joan Garriga Bacardí unveils in this book—poetic, though-provoking, and conducive to change—about a basic issue that concerns us all: the process of assuming our origins, our family legacy, and of thereby finding our place in the world.

The text celebrates life without taking away its realism and harshness, thereby distancing itself from artificial, positivist psychology. Where are the Coins? offers new perspectives for the soul, both for those who suffer when they think of their parents and for those who do so with gratitude. It speaks the language of reconciliation and peace. It shows the power of love and how to integrate and overcome the wounds that get in the way of having a full life.

Edición: 1ª edición
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ISBN: 978-84-937808-4-5